Who we are


CISTERPOR - Cisternas Reunidas Portuguesas S.A is a Road Dangerous Goods Transport Company totally funded by national private capital. 

Cisterpor was founded in 1974 and was the very first company of this kind in operation. Since the its policies and strategy of continuous grouth have wisely managed to supply its clients with important added value.  

At the moment this Company is one of the main national operators in its area of business, estimating to hold a market share of about 75% and having as clients the main national and international companies in the Chemical sector. 

Cisterpor is a pioneer in the transport of chemical produts and that is why it received the first Formation Certificate for driver of vehicles transporting dangerous goods (known as ADR driving permit).

With a business figure of about 10 million Euros, Cisterpor relies on its highly specialized staff to meet every operational challenge.