Cisterpor  fundamentally believes in :


            Client Satisfaction - Our main objective. Without our clients we would not exist, therefore we always endeavour to offer friendliness, know-how, fast answers to sudden problems, fast service and constant client assistance.We wish them to connect with us in the ways most adequate to their requirements and expectations.

           Responsability - Our services are accomplished by land, sea, and rail, therefore in contact with the natural environment. Because of this we guarantee maximum safety to persons and natural surroundings. We wish our success and also the well-being of others. We always try to minimize the negative effects associated with transport activities. 

            Quality - Cisterpor endeavours to be an innovating enterprise where excelence is the reference. To obtain the best results at the lowest possible cost, financial or to the environment. We focus in the interaction of all collaborators, clients and suppliers. We aim to make our prices competitive while and effective service before and after sales. We aim to comply with all standind regulations for our activities and ti implement the newest technologies available in all our services. We also strive to make our collaborators feel that they have good working conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere. 

            Transparency and Reliability - Cisterpor keeps no secrets, since its beginning we live in a reality where the image of our name rests on commitment and dedication to our tasks and on the honesty of our dealings.

We aim to continue that way and to improve our information policy in order to ensure more and more transparency and reliability. 

            Cultural Scope - We believe that in today's globalized world, the idea that internatinalization means putting something in a container and shipping it abroad, is completely put aside. We now know that it is necessary to be "metanational", we have to understand the local markets. For this purpose, cultural diversity is very important, since the definition of a certain type of business or the finding of a market niche beyond borders is required. It is therefore necessary to aggressively do your marketing abroad and find and recruit specialist staff wherever it may be found.

         Credibility - We always keep our word, from a simple everyday mission to the full garanty of satisfaction in after sales assistance.


        Environment - Our services have been planned to ensure a minimal environment impact. Our respect for the environment is not only an obligation enforced by law, it is a spontaneous behaviour of somebody who has always considered the environment a priority concern.